What Photographers sees or does no see on Model Mayhem pages that either makes him leave the page and not consider the model for shooting or he contacts the model.

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Models please read this and take it to heart.

1. No Avatar Picture: When you do not do this many time a photographer many times will pass you over and not even go to your page at all you might miss a shoot that could earn you money.

2.The Phrase “Please do not  contact me for TFP Shoots”: You want to leave a bad impression this is it if you are a model yo need to do these TFP shoots once in a while,  photographers do talk to each other and you do not want the title of “DIVA”

Models need to do TFP and TFCD Shooting Sessions it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or not you need to do them. Models are not looking at their personal modeling career marketing advantages of doing these shooting sessions you do not do them you are the looser

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After being a professional photographer for many years and  being a master photographer and a model consultant I sit back and I look at a lot of the different comments on Model Mayhem by model about trade work (TFP or TFCD), many models who will not trade their time as a model for the skill of the photographer what really amounts to this is that they are giving up an opportunity to market themselves and advance there modeling careers. I have even read in many places were a model will say I will do TFP or TFCD if I think it will improve my portfolio, come on that’s a little bit too much of the diva syndrome I talked about in a previous article for my taste I just laugh at what they wrote no one model is that they can be a real diva, because I can tell you for myself who has mentored many really good photographers that have done wonderful glamour work and have gone on to do a lot of beautiful photographic work that when a model starts turning her nose up at a particular photographer she made be turning her nose up at a future opportunity to work with that person when they become very well known and are one of the best in the photographic field, what is the phrase about burning your bridges. If your model you need to read this several times if your beginner or if you’re very experienced do trade modeling time for the photographer skills, yes do TFP the most the time now it’s TFCD where the model receives digital photographs most of time on a DVD (CDs are rather rare nowadays) because the size of the files of the photographs are getting larger and larger all the time is we get to larger and larger pixel sizes of the cameras will do.

The trend in modeling towards nudity as the model should understand it this is an analysis of the trend and that is what I am doing and in respects to someone being a model in the field

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I was a little hesitant to write this analysis but then I got to thinking well somebody’s got to say what is going on so I decided to go ahead and write this article.

The big mistakes women make on dating websites for photographs and how I have a new service to fix that.

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The actual attraction of one person to another initially starts with a visual .You’re attracted to the individual-based on their appearance. So how come a lot of women do not think about that when they think about the pictures for a dating website. A lot of what I’ve seen when going through some of these to take a look is they usually are taking a picture in their car of all places with sunglasses on wrapped in a coat, now that’s about as appealing as having mud all over their face. First of all when a woman has her pictures taken for a dating website sunglasses should not be on at all if they were normal glasses every day those are fine but why do women not remember a phrase the eyes are the windows to our soul, men want to look at a woman’s eyes that tells a lot, she should have a nice hairdo, good makeup and dressed appropriately something that makes her look fabulous. In the next set of photographs on that she should have some appealing attire what are we talking here mail women usually know what makes him look best but I’ve seen women in gym outfits with their hair all done up close to the scalp men don’t like that, nice flowing hair is appealing and the woman looks like she’s a bodybuilder forget it or some weekend athlete. Men want to see a woman a very nice looking woman, someone that is appealing to them, so how appealing is a woman in a coat picture taken in her car were glasses on in their hair all bundled up, well let me put it to this way you have baby 1 to 5 seconds to make that first impression and if you look like that they’re going to go on to the next woman if your pictures in your profile don’t show femininity they’re going to go on to the next woman. So I can help on that with nice head shots nice portraits nice full-length shots which you need to have in that profile, this reminds me a one-woman she had eight head shots and all of them were bad guess what one look on to the next woman. So if you need help let me know, but don’t take anymore pictures in your cards with sunglasses on that’s just ugly. And remember one other thing a sexy appearance is very attractive to a man you forget that he’s going to go on to the next woman in the dating website.

If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area I can help.

Want information on this just contact me info@specialfxphotography.com

Why do some models not answer their friend request and messages to them on Model Mayhem?

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There are some things are common sense to all the rest of us but for some reason some models don’t get it and it’s really a shame. They spend the time to build their page on Model Mayhem which is a photographer and models meeting place online. And it has a situation where people on the site can be friends. Now what these models do not realize that once they click the friends accept and they become friends it opens up a lot more communication between them and the photographer that’s initiating the friends request, but they just don’t get it now I do not understand why. 

What beginning models don’t know, the early diva mode that some of them get in

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Recently I was looking for some models to work on the projects I have listed in the below article and I ran onto a young lady I thought would be great now if you look at my credentials I have a lot to give a m My Credentials::

Master Photographer
Life Time Achievement Award Photographer
Hall of Fame Photographer
Holder of an Honorary Degree in the Photographic Arts and Sciences
Master Photoshop Wizard
Master Photographic Retoucher
Master Photographic Special Effects Expert
National Award Winning Web Site Designer
My work has been exhibited at the Fort Worth Art Museum.
Certified Model Consultant (Teach beginners to be Models. Help present models to improve to be better at modeling) model in skill and ability.

New models needed you can be a Pro or Beginner you must be 18 years old. DFW, Texas Area Only

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It is time for me to get back to work on this blog and  a log over due projects

I have a bunch of personal projects in the works they are:

Personal projects I need models for,: you may be experienced or a beginner

I am only doing TFP/CD with models which suit my  projects and I will not charge you we will trade my time for your time. You will get the skill of an award winning, hall of fame , master photographer for free, and get the photographs from the session on DVD free.

Glamour photography, art that takes skill

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I recently shot Playboy model Kylie she is one of the best models I have ever worked with, and you can see why in the photographs that resulted from the shoot. Kylie knows how to pose and move to get the best shots and not all models can do this, she also is very easy to work with and cooperates with the photographer to get the shots he wants which is very important to a successful photo shoot. In the creation of the final photographs, I also used a new digital processing technique that I have created that give a new “you are there” quality to the model photographs.

Shooting Fireworks While hand holding the camera

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Usually I use a tripod, but I was at NASCA and I upped my film speed to the max and braced myself and starting shooting. Release the shutter at the exact moment the rocket stops, it will take many shots to catch the burst, but you will be able to do it.

Fireworks-1 Fireworks-2 Fireworks-3 Fireworks-4 Fireworks-5 Fireworks-6

Stay Alert at NASCA and you can grap shots like this, Flames in the pits

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I was at the local NASCAR track Texas Motor Speedway, and naturally had my camera I caught these shots.