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A phtotgrapher’s issues when updating a protfolio when a model does not show up.

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I am writing this to tell the photographers side of the issue. As a Master Photographer I am in the position to help new models get some free photographs as I update my portfolio, it is a process call TFCD test for CD of the photographs taken during the session it is a win win process for the Model and Photographer, but sometimes there is a problem after all the trouble time and expense invested in setting up for a shoot the model does not show up or call, and when you e-mail them to see what happened they will not even give you the courtesy of a return e-mail, and I end up wasting my time and trouble, plus the time waiting for the model to show up at a night shoot.

One photographer I read compared working with a model “like dating”, well for the model I want to say how would you feel if you had a date planned and they did not show up, so the next time you cancel a shoot just give the photographer a call, it is only simple courtesy.

This particular instance I had for several days communicated with the model and communicated the shoot very well to what we was going to shoot, location of the shoot, and what she should bring, and I really thought everything was scheduled, and was a go. I spent several hours setting up, I was ready as I said I would be my responsibility as the phtotgrapher to be ready to shoot, the time came for the agreed ed time for her arrival, an hour went by nothing, and to top a lot this I agreed ed to shot at night, something I do only on special occasions, I finally ended up waisting an evening, and not even getting a phone call, or e-mail from the model.  Now lets put it straight, this model was going to get the skill and experience of a master photographer, in exchange for her time only, seems that most models would really jump at this, but apparently I was wrong about this with this model, she was just did not think it important enough, and my time, expense, and effort was nothing to her. So if she keeps doing this word will get around and no body will want to work with her, because photographers want a responsible model, who done one thing and that is show up.

My advice to any model unless you have a major emergency which is understandable, show up to your scheduled shoot, if you cannot call the photographer, and if you miss the shoot and he e-mails you do the photographer a courtesy and respond back to the photographer, a little responsibility, and simple courtesy goes a long way, and you will build what you need a good reputation with the photographers in your area, which will help your modeling career sore.


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