I have found a retouch software that does not break my rules on model head shots.

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In a previous article I told of the use of retouch software on model head shot and not to use them, until now.  I was recommended to take a look at Portrait Professional, I was told it does no break your rules in your article on you blog, it just enhances a quality photograph, and they was right. I always try to be open minded when it come to photography, what I was so critical was software that does changes that makes someone skinny when they are not, hair color they do not have, now Portrait Professional can be abuse in this manner, but used by a photographer to (and this is the key word) slightly enhance the photograph, all it really dies is emphasize the quality light of the photographer, rather than make the model someone who is totally different than they really look in real life. I want that real you are there in all my work,

The model is sunnymuusha (click on her name to view her model data)

As you can tell I really did not need to do much on her photograph.























The lighting Setup Data:

My lighting set up for this shot was different, I still used my soft-box, but this time I use a large silver reflector adjusting it to fill in on the right side of the face the hair light was behind the model to provide separation, I used a 60th of a second to provide the separation of the model for the background I was wanting, F11 for the depth of field I wanted for further separation:



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