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I recently shot Playboy model Kylie she is one of the best models I have ever worked with, and you can see why in the photographs that resulted from the shoot. Kylie knows how to pose and move to get the best shots and not all models can do this, she also is very easy to work with and cooperates with the photographer to get the shots he wants which is very important to a successful photo shoot. In the creation of the final photographs, I also used a new digital processing technique that I have created that give a new “you are there” quality to the model photographs.

I am looking for other models experienced or inexperienced and want to try being a model in a photo shoot who are beautiful in face and figure who’s slim, athletic, or average in their figure and are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, if you have not modeled before that is alright,  I enjoy working with and helping new models start out and you must be at least 18 years of age for this shoot. This shoot will be what we call TFCD which means the photographer and model share skills and no one is out any money, and the model get a copy of the photographs taken during the shoot on a cd for her time modeling.

If interested send an email by clicking the link below and attach some picture of yourself to the email.

Link to be a model (click here)

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Here is the wonderful Kylie’s photographs

Kylie-1- Kylie-2 Kylie-3 Kylie-4 Kylie-5 Kylie-6





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