What beginning models don’t know, the early diva mode that some of them get in

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Recently I was looking for some models to work on the projects I have listed in the below article and I ran onto a young lady I thought would be great now if you look at my credentials I have a lot to give a m My Credentials::

Master Photographer
Life Time Achievement Award Photographer
Hall of Fame Photographer
Holder of an Honorary Degree in the Photographic Arts and Sciences
Master Photoshop Wizard
Master Photographic Retoucher
Master Photographic Special Effects Expert
National Award Winning Web Site Designer
My work has been exhibited at the Fort Worth Art Museum.
Certified Model Consultant (Teach beginners to be Models. Help present models to improve to be better at modeling) model in skill and ability.

So basically that the skills here that a model could really benefit from, the young lady I communicate with have been signed by I guess an agency and a lot of times these agencies are more interested in getting their cut of the money than actually seeing the models career go ahead and flourish. A lot of the young model start now do not realize that tester prints and test for CD or DVD as it may be is a way the model bills for portfolio and bills images that she can show prospective employers what she looks like on camera. What they don’t realize is many times they get free highly skilled photographic skills and abilities for them just modeling. A lot of times these agencies discourage this because they have their own special photographers that I don’t know if there get to cut paying for these pictures but the agency restricts which is not something they should be doing.

This young lady I thought would be really good for the different projects I was working on but I can see from some her previous photograph she needed some model skill development and some posing skill development, makeup skills and expression development, which as a photographer and model consultant I was more than willing to teacher. So I offered the shoot  to her and I merely came back and looked  at my email again and the first thing she wrote back was “Cool! My rates start at $75 an hour! If you would like to book let me know a good day that works for you. Thanks!“ When I finally stopped laughing at what she written me I then replied back to her and she didn’t really realize how ridiculous her being a beginning model saying that  really wasn’t the right thing to say, but I guess who she signed with had given her the old brainwash routine or diva routine as I sometimes call it. So I wrote back to her “No.  I explained very carefully this is TFCD, my rates are way higher than yours, I thought you would like to take advantage of some free time of my skills, so sorry you will miss out on it, if you change your mind let me know”. What she didn’t realize that she could got some highly skilled highly experienced photographic work and Model Consultation help for absolutely no cost to her, I went back and looked at her photographs some of them were pretty good the ones that I saw originally were impressive, but then I went and looked at the link she supply and looked at her Instagram page and it was so unprofessional it was ridiculous when your model and you point to a link off of the Model Mayhem page you better make sure it’s professional models page, this had unprofessional photographs of her, a picture with her and her either boyfriend or brother, pictures with girlfriends, and with relatives, but she didn’t realize is that with Instagram you can have both pages your personal Instagram and you can have a  model Instagram page and if you are model and it be a professional models page, with professional model photographs done by a professional photographers. But she also doesn’t realize it’s photographers get together and we talk and her name might come up and if she’s doing this to other photographers the word is going to be you know I offered her a free shooting session and she turned it down and quoted her rate, that is not going to look good to other photographers, and if whoever she signed with keeps doing this she may find out she may have a very short career in model and it’s a shame because I think she really has real potential. I was willing to use my professional photographers experience in my model  consultant experience to help this one young lady for free but look what she did turned down some valuable help it’s really a shame.

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