Why do some models not answer their friend request and messages to them on Model Mayhem?

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There are some things are common sense to all the rest of us but for some reason some models don’t get it and it’s really a shame. They spend the time to build their page on Model Mayhem which is a photographer and models meeting place online. And it has a situation where people on the site can be friends. Now what these models do not realize that once they click the friends accept and they become friends it opens up a lot more communication between them and the photographer that’s initiating the friends request, but they just don’t get it now I do not understand why. 

They also  don’t understand that the photographer sends them a message that photographers interested in working with and why they don’t answer the messages it is beyond me, I don’t know how many models have missed out on some good shooting experiences with quality pictures that just haven’t answered their message. I have actually had to write a second message and say please would you respond back to my message and I shouldn’t have to do that what is wrong with them. Every message I get I always respond to it,  why can’t they do the same thing it is beyond me. 

Also if you put a casting call up there a lot of them that will not respond to the casting call, now photographer puts up a casting call saying hey if you’re available I have this work I want to do,  would you please take a look at it and respond if use something you want to do. A lot of time once again we have the situation because a casting call is test for prints test for CD/DVD, and these models just don’t get what a royal opportunity that is for them to get professional photographs for the portfolio or for their Model Mayhem page and photographs they can show to prospective employers it’s really kind of a bad situation that they don’t see the potential there, but as a master photographer and certified model consultant I know the value of these things and what I can do for their modeling career just nobody tells them ithe word didn’t get out the word that these are important things they need to respond to. 

You would think when somebody sends you a message through on a well-known site that you have a chance to advance your  career in modeling, that you would take advantage of it or at least respond to the message like  “thank you for contacting me I’m not interested or thank you from contact me I’m busy right now” or something along those lines but at least respond. Same goes for the friends and the casting calls is one of those things that it makes no sense to a person like me or anybody else,  but it doesn’t to some of these models and it’s really a shame because they’re missing out on a potential gold mine in their career as a model.


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