The big mistakes women make on dating websites for photographs and how I have a new service to fix that.

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The actual attraction of one person to another initially starts with a visual .You’re attracted to the individual-based on their appearance. So how come a lot of women do not think about that when they think about the pictures for a dating website. A lot of what I’ve seen when going through some of these to take a look is they usually are taking a picture in their car of all places with sunglasses on wrapped in a coat, now that’s about as appealing as having mud all over their face. First of all when a woman has her pictures taken for a dating website sunglasses should not be on at all if they were normal glasses every day those are fine but why do women not remember a phrase the eyes are the windows to our soul, men want to look at a woman’s eyes that tells a lot, she should have a nice hairdo, good makeup and dressed appropriately something that makes her look fabulous. In the next set of photographs on that she should have some appealing attire what are we talking here mail women usually know what makes him look best but I’ve seen women in gym outfits with their hair all done up close to the scalp men don’t like that, nice flowing hair is appealing and the woman looks like she’s a bodybuilder forget it or some weekend athlete. Men want to see a woman a very nice looking woman, someone that is appealing to them, so how appealing is a woman in a coat picture taken in her car were glasses on in their hair all bundled up, well let me put it to this way you have baby 1 to 5 seconds to make that first impression and if you look like that they’re going to go on to the next woman if your pictures in your profile don’t show femininity they’re going to go on to the next woman. So I can help on that with nice head shots nice portraits nice full-length shots which you need to have in that profile, this reminds me a one-woman she had eight head shots and all of them were bad guess what one look on to the next woman. So if you need help let me know, but don’t take anymore pictures in your cards with sunglasses on that’s just ugly. And remember one other thing a sexy appearance is very attractive to a man you forget that he’s going to go on to the next woman in the dating website.

If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area I can help.

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