The trend in modeling towards nudity as the model should understand it this is an analysis of the trend and that is what I am doing and in respects to someone being a model in the field

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I was a little hesitant to write this analysis but then I got to thinking well somebody’s got to say what is going on so I decided to go ahead and write this article.

I’ve been shooting a very long time as a master photographer and I have watch the trend in nudity grow to the point of it now part of the photographic field, and photographers portfolio. I took some time to go through a lot of different photographers on Model Mayhem pages that I have known for a long time and what I discovered is that the apparel is becoming less and less if not gone altogether, so a model needs to look at this trend and unfortunately make the decision on this matter, but they need to realize this trend is growing take for instance look at initially how Sports Illustrated started out and now we’ve got painted models what’s underneath the paint nothing they are nude and the bikinis are getting smaller and smaller in the time they’re staying on during the shoots in Sports Illustrated is becoming less and less so models need to look at this trend and I’m not going express an opinion one way or the other I will just report the straight facts here this is what’s going on and I’m going to relate how it deals with modeling as a trend in the field, as also a model consultant.

I’ve also gone out to several Model Mayhem model pages and I’m sort of confused on some of them because I go to the models page I look over to the side where it says will they or not do nudity and it says they won’t do nudity and then I go to their portfolio and what do I see nudity, so it’s a little confusing there she says she won’t do it and yet there she is on her portfolio nude talking about mixed signals, I kind of makes you go that’s not right she needs to make up her mind one way or the other if you’re not going to do nudity then don’t have nudity in your portfolio.

Which this brings up the trend and likeI said I’m just going report it and tell you how I see it I’m not endorsing either way but I will be very frank here. As we look at some the work that is out there now and as I go through the Model Mayhem pages of different photographers I’m seeing more and more nudity that’s a fact you can’t sit there and say well it’s not there, no it is there and it’s becoming more more prominent.

So what does this mean to the new model starting out well it’s kind of obvious and a lot of models who read this are going to want to say well know you don’t know what you’re talking about. Believe you me I do. I’ve been watching this for quite some time. It is my job as a professional master photographer to watch the trends myself for my own professional success. A lot of the progression towards nudity started with Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated and especially Playboy and nudity has progressed its way on up and it keeps progressing its way on up, so what as a model consultant would I say to a model that is starting out frankly I’d look them in the eye and say be prepared to do at least implied nudity or partial nudity, and make a decision on doing full nudity one way or the other, because I know what the trend is it’s not my opinion one way or the other but I see the trend I see the number of models are doing it and I see how many jobs the ones that are doing a form of nudity or full nudity, they are getting more shooting engagements enough said, and then I know some models will not like what I’ve written here is not meant to  offend any model I’m just report the trend I’m seeing I cannot change what is involved in this progression of nudity but I can report it like I’m doing here, I don’t mean to offend anybody with this article but I thought in all fairness it had to be written.

I hope I don’t offend anybody because I am giving an analysis, and that is all I am doing.

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