Models need to do TFP and TFCD Shooting Sessions it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or not you need to do them. Models are not looking at their personal modeling career marketing advantages of doing these shooting sessions you do not do them you are the looser

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After being a professional photographer for many years and  being a master photographer and a model consultant I sit back and I look at a lot of the different comments on Model Mayhem by model about trade work (TFP or TFCD), many models who will not trade their time as a model for the skill of the photographer what really amounts to this is that they are giving up an opportunity to market themselves and advance there modeling careers. I have even read in many places were a model will say I will do TFP or TFCD if I think it will improve my portfolio, come on that’s a little bit too much of the diva syndrome I talked about in a previous article for my taste I just laugh at what they wrote no one model is that they can be a real diva, because I can tell you for myself who has mentored many really good photographers that have done wonderful glamour work and have gone on to do a lot of beautiful photographic work that when a model starts turning her nose up at a particular photographer she made be turning her nose up at a future opportunity to work with that person when they become very well known and are one of the best in the photographic field, what is the phrase about burning your bridges. If your model you need to read this several times if your beginner or if you’re very experienced do trade modeling time for the photographer skills, yes do TFP the most the time now it’s TFCD where the model receives digital photographs most of time on a DVD (CDs are rather rare nowadays) because the size of the files of the photographs are getting larger and larger all the time is we get to larger and larger pixel sizes of the cameras will do.

To the models I say this you don’t know what possible future fantastic shot that would make you look good that that photographer you’re turning your nose up might produce, and in doing that you’re turning your nose up at a valuable opportunity to market yourself, the time for the diva syndrome in modeling needs to go away, and I can hear it now a model says but I got in this to make money, what do you think the photographer got in photography for and he’s willing to give you his well-trained professional skill sand photographic abilities and maybe his retouching abilities for you just modeling for him actually in that respect you’re coming out way ahead because a photographer will work hard to make you look good. I remember three cases in particular where I had to get the models to come and do a trade-off session my time for there’s and each one those cases they took some of my photographs presented them to Playboy magazine and they got in the magazine and I had to twist their arms to come and do the shoots look who made out better the models did, now these sessions they was not nude but the quality of my work Playboy liked and that help them look even better, so you never can tell that photographer you turn down may be the one that takes that particular picture that pushes you up in your career.

Let me give you some advice also in this respect photographers don’t look too well on models that turn their nose up at trading work and you might get the reputation as a diva which is really bad, that doesn’t mean that you spend all your time doing trade-off work by no means is that the situation here but to say you will absolutely not do any, well when I look at that I think every person that does modeling has a limited time in that field and you never can tell it could take that one photograph of the photographer you turn down that might have elevated your modeling career, this doesn’t mean that you do this with trade-off work all the time like I keep saying by no means but maybe you need to do a little bit more of it if you’re not doing it you need to do it, like I say that photographer you may not think too much of may create the one image that lifts your career or he may become a famous photographer and he’ll remember when I was getting started she came in modeled for me let use her, you never can tell what may happen so get out there and do some trade-off work if you really are a fantastic model, if not just keep turning your nose up at doing trade-off work and that’s not good, because if anything that will make your career suffer pretty good.. Beginning models you need to do a lot of it to get the images and most of all the experience you learn a lot from each photographer you work with and each will tach you somethign if you only ask so get out there contact some photographers and get some images of yourself. If yo are in the Dallas / Fort Worth area contact me I am on Model Mayhem.at Special FX  Photography i show model how to market themselves this changes there careers greatly.



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