What Photographers sees or does no see on Model Mayhem pages that either makes him leave the page and not consider the model for shooting or he contacts the model.

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Models please read this and take it to heart.

1. No Avatar Picture: When you do not do this many time a photographer many times will pass you over and not even go to your page at all you might miss a shoot that could earn you money.

2.The Phrase “Please do not  contact me for TFP Shoots”: You want to leave a bad impression this is it if you are a model yo need to do these TFP shoots once in a while,  photographers do talk to each other and you do not want the title of “DIVA”

3. The Phrase ” So if you want to do a TF photo shoot and it will not benefit me, I promise I will not do it” or” I am not accepting and TF shoots at this time, unless I find it is mutually beneficial” Ok hello DIVA talking here a model can benefit from any photo shoot she does, one of the shots might be the one she will use always for herself, if a model discounts any photographer or photo shoot she is not a quality model , but one with a DIVA attitude, when you start thinking you are too good to do TF shoots, then you have crossed the DIVA line, that photographer you throw his TF shooting session in his face might be some day the one photographer you are dying to work for and guess what he will probably reject you because he thinks you are a DIVA. A BAD FIRST IMPRESSION CAN LAST A LONG TIME!!!

4. Requiring Excessive Information just to do a simple shoot photo shoot here is an example:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Location of shoot
  3. Potential dates of shoot
  4. Approximate length of shoot
  5. Compensation /TP offered
  6. Is Hair / Wardrobe provided?
  7. Brief project description including intended usage and type of release involved
  8. Link to samples of your work

This example has DIVA spelled all over it:  Some models will say I am being business like, well that is a bunch of bull, I can see some of these question, but al  of them  at once come on that is ridiculous, this can be worked out later, and has the model ever thought that the photographer at this point and time does not have all this information, he may be just checking out who may be available for a prospective shoot he is planning or a customer wants, someone is not thinking things out here.

5. References are required and will be contacted: Can you armature and new to the modeling field this is not a $100,000 dollar a year CEO position, this is just a photo shoot. Look at the photographers work, talk to the photographer, see what work they have done, but this is not how it is done, you want to get work, drop this garbage.

6. I am represented by the (name of Agency) Model and Talent Management Agency: Talking about a pain in the behind, when I see this I go well forget her, she can be with this Agency, but put it on her page give me a break. usually Agencies are usually more of a pain than anything else, now their are good one and I want to be fair with these that are easy to work with, but usually they have all these rules and garbage they feed the model mostly so they insure there cut, and they do not want them to do TF because they will not get a cut, well if the model is starting out or has come to a new area she need to do TF to build up her reputation, and get recommendations from photographers, that goes a long way, a bad Agency will fill the models head with so many don’t that you cannot really do a shoot. That is why I am glad there are some good ones out there, but do not put this on your page.

7.Here is the on that is a real model use stopper “I also my bring an escort with me to shoots on a case by case basis” I am the first one for model safety, but most of the time these “escorts” have to set and watch the shoot and interfere with the creativity of the shoot and distract the model to the point you cannot get a good performance out of the model because they are so distracted by the  “escort” now let me specify that if the model is female  and the  “escort” is male this is the issue when they bring a “female escort” most of the time this issue is reduced, unless the “female escort” wants to run the shoot then it is worse than the “male escort”. I had a session that on the way to the shoot the female model and the “male escort” got into an argument (it had nothing to do with the shoot it was personal), the model during the shoot then got mad and picked up objects in the studio and was throwing them at the “male escort” and caused a lot of damage in the studio, not a good thing. SO really I like to if they must have an “escort” bring a female friend that support s the model than a “male escort”. The best situation fo rthe shoot is not to have an “escort” at all.

8. Leave a good impression on Model Mayhem if someone send yo a friends request accept it. Something I have found out that Model Mayhem has starting doing that I totally disagree with is using the mailing feature to get yo to upgrade on the site, some models you cannot contact till they accept your friends request, so models by not accepting the friends request you my be turning down a shoot.

9. When a photographer send you a Message through Model Mayhem not responding back: I see this as simple courtesy noting more nothing less, and if you do not it is just plain rude, and shows a lack of class. I make it a point to answer all my messages, it does not hurt to say no to a photographer and not leave him hanging waiting for an answer, think of this how would you feel if a photographer who yo loved his work so much, and you wanted to work with them would not answer you messages, well you can see when the shoe is on the other foot it is not so pleasant. A word of advice you need to treat people like you want to be treated, this is a good rule of thumb and will pay off in a good reputation and many photo shoots for the Model.

10. What I am about to say may get a rise out of some models, but here again I am pointing out a trend and what I am seeing in the industry and offering some advice on this, you many not agree , but these are the facts.

If you as a model do not have and are will to do these Genera in modeling you will not be getting as many shoots as other who will do this kind of shooting minimal:

  1. Glamour
  2. Pin-Up
  3. Swimwear
  4. Lingerie
  5. Boudoir
  6. Implied

Additional  shoots can be obtained by doing:

  1. Semi–Nude
  2. Full Nude

Staring out models need to at least do the minimal Genera and the other if they so desire, any photographer can work with you on these minimal ones or the others, but look through Model Mayhem at what the photographer are doing  and shooting now you will find that most are doing these types of shoots, so to get the most work you need to do the shooting type the photographer are needing.

11. A model need to know how to market herself and learn the types of shoots that get her attention: As a Model Consultant with many years under my belt and as a Master Award winning Photographer I know and have seen what works best and the techniques, so a model need ot seek out a Model Consultant or Photographer that knows these methods and most important tech them to you, so you can get more work, as a beginner you must do a lot of free shoots to build up you reputation and have photographs for you portfolio, additional i recommend you have a custom composite (“comp card”) / ZED cards.

12.You may not agree with what I have written, but if you do all of this it will help you get more work, remember there is no room in the industry for DIVAS they will eventually end up rejected and forgotten when it comes to a photographer on who to hire.







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