Welcome to the Special Fx Photography Blog home of  Ft. Worth Texas born artist and Master Photographer Gary Cox – recognized for Lifetime Distinction of Honor for Photographic Achievement by IPFO. An accredited Master Photographer as well as a Hall of Fame Photographer member, Mr. Cox loves to share what he has learn from fellow Master Photographers as the late Dean Collins who in Photography his style is very like the late Dean Collins in the expression with lighting of the photographic subject. Mr Cox attended college at Texas Wesleyan University where is father attended also, at Texas Wesleyan he studied Theatrical lighting and Art as a Science and Education major. He has studied both the shooting and lab side of Photography at Eastman Kodak, and was on the NASA Space Shuttle program as a space flight engineer, and video engineer. He is a published Photographer and Artist, and is a Photoshop Wizard, having worked with Photoshop since version 4.0.

My Credentials in brief:

Master Photographer
Life Time Achievement Award Photographer
Hall of Fame Photographer

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