The great software addon file to Photoshop I used to Illustrate my studio lighting set ups

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Many times a photographer finds a real jewel to add with his profession tools and techniques, or document his set up from his notes, and what I have discovered is a real jewel to aid in that work. It is a Photoshop PSD file you download open and use the different layers in the file to create your diagram, the results is a very neat, printable, and savable file, one catch I will share with you once you do the diagram, be sure to use the “save as” in Photoshop and rename the file or you will corrupt the original file you downloaded.

How I shot this very Special Portrait

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First let’s look at the resulting image:

Now we are going to look how the shot is set up in the studio:

If you like to shoot the stars Canon has responded in a big way, with a homerun in the photography field

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Being an exclusive Canon photographer, I am always pleased to see when Canon comes out with a special camera. If you do shoot the stars the Canon EOS 600a camera’s infrared filter permits three times the red hydrogen-alpha wavelengths emitted by celestial bodies to reach the image sensor  this will really help you in capturing you favorite celestial bodies as someone who does this type of work and as a trained student of the stars I can tell you this camera will yield some incredible images.

Canon EOS 600a

From Film to Digital Translating what I am doing Photographic Astronomy shots

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I ran into an issue lately in transferring my Astronomy photography using  film to digital. I kept getting just a white blue Image (looked like a sun image without filtering) when attached to the telescope, then I tried it with a new long lens, just to try to take a picture  of the moon, still goes the same thing so since I am a lifetime Canon photographer, I called Canon support , to  see if they had suggestions Meade who make my telescope they had not one clue of how to take the picture or what the issue was yet they sell the adapter fo the telescope, here is what I got from canon:

Green Screen the new creatative tool in photography

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Green Screen or Blue Screen, is a great way to bring to your studio the world. Just think of it you can bring and place in the world as a back ground to a subject. Why do some photographer do not try it? It comes down to lighting skills or just plain lazyness to try something new, or stuck in a rut. They do not realise the impact that Green screen can make in revenue of income at their studio. WHat is really great you can get the cloth that is washable, and as long as you take care of it, it will last for ever, of course there is other types that dictate to either use cloth, vynal, or paper, some studios actually paint the studio wall with this color so they have a really big surface for Green screen, The trick to using Green Screen in a very balanced light across the entire surface of the Green Screen background, then balance your key light with the Green Screen light where it does not over balance the green screen and you have a setup. The in my case I have the right tools in Photoshop CS5 extended that make the work in Green Screens a snap, with the right actions installed. Where the art comes in is what background you use(resolution is very important here),and how you use Photoshop to blend in the subject to the background, if you do it right it is true digital art in a box, the wonder is if they cannot tel it is a Green Screen picture, but what we want it ti be art work. So get out and buy a green screen, backgrounds in high resolution, and start getting in what is something great!!

This photographer cannot stay away from the train tracks when photographing a model and it always looks really bad

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Rarely do I ever say anything about another photographer style of shooting methods, but in this case  I must say something because it is that bad a style. I really do not know who the photographer is and I do not really care to know, but every time he shoots a model he must take them to a train track to get a few shots of them on it. Now, I love trains I think they are classic, but an empty train track is not a good background for a model, go find a bridge with some lines you can use in your photograph, or even better find a actual train on the track and tell some sort of story with your  photograph, but stop putting the models on an empty train track, it is boring, it rarely make a model look good, and you are wasting the model’s time with you thing about train tracks, do soemthing creatative from now on outside or better yet use green screen technology to do some photographic art for a change.

Advice to Models want to get work do not put this graphic on your page

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As a model you want to project the best image as to can to the photographer who might hire you to work with him. If you do not want to do test for print work, just put it in text like “at this time I am not accepting Test for Print Work”, the last thing you want to is use the graphic below:

This does not put forward a good image of you and really makes a photographer think is this someone I really want to work with, that would put up something like this on their webpage. There are acceptable ways of doing things in this world and this graphic is by no means acceptable, you want to get work be a model do not use it.

Models and Tattoos a bad combination a Photographer’s headache and nightmare

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While a photographer wants to work with everyone the advice with models I give is no tattoos. So why do I say this, many times the customers wants them covered up, and does not want to see them, if we do not know this ahead of time there is an added time in Photoshop to get rid of the tattoos not something a photographer wants to do especially since this job may be one that
is an hourly bid job. Usually if you have tattoos is just to buy a cover up kit (around $25.00 at a makeup shop), but it is best to not have them at all, but really most model who have tattoos do not know how many jobs they lose because they have tattoos, the word is many especially when they can see picture of them on the web, a photographer just does not want to mess with tattoos, and
the problems they create in the final product, and the customer may have put in the specifications for the shoot no tattoos, so you want to be a model and get lots of jobs simple do not get any tattoos.

Simply Looking at How you light you Photographic Subject

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One  way to really do an simple exercise in to lighting is to take an object and a light bulb in a holder  next to an object on a table in a totally dark room at night, have you camera on a tripod. Now turn the light on, turn off the lights (camera on auto exposure) in the room now move the light and make notes while taking pictures of how you take pictures. Now leave the light on one position and have a white and silver card move the card around the object at different angles at different locations taking notes, do this with both cards. make good enough note where you can match up the exposure with the shot, now examine your work. You will see how light reflects and how what we call the spectral high lights (reflective properties) are effective by different materials at different angles, now you have a start understanding light.